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Karen Landolfi

Karen Landolfi
Office Manager

When you get to know Karen and see the information and social media posts that she shares, it’s evident that family, friends and pets are very important to her. As family and strong relationships are paramount to the Romano Realty team, Karen is a great fit. It’s also apparent that strong relationships are important to Karen. When asked about customer service and client’s emotional needs she say, “Treat your clients as you would want to be treated.”

With twenty plus years of real estate experience with multiple companies, Karen has work with a plethora of agents with a variety of backgrounds and personalities. This has accorded her the ability to understand and work effectively with everyone. She brings this strength to Romano Realty, and will help lead and develop our team. Karen expressed this when she shared, “My knowledge of real estate [to share with others] is the reason for why I am part of the Romano team.” In addition, as we know that it’s most important for Karen to love what she does and be happy doing it, Romano Realty is fortunate to have Karen’s positive energy among the team.

When she’s away from work, Karen enjoys staying in shape and eating well as being healthy is very important to her. However, she does indulge herself once a week by “… letting the diet go, LOL.”